Advanced Infusion Solutions (AIS)

Pharmacy Team
Exceptional PainCare and Patient Care

The AIS™ Pharmacy Team includes 25 pharmacists with over 400 years of combined experience. All AIS pharmacists receive continuous training on USP <797> and compounding of sterile products.

Each patient with an implanted pump is unique and therefore requires a customized prescription from their provider tailored to their needs. AIS™ compounds pharmaceutical grade medications into a formula that includes the right combination and dosage to optimize effectiveness for each patient. This process requires specialized training, equipment and expertise. AIS has it.

All sterile intrathecal medications are compounded to each provider's exact specifications by experienced and licensed AIS pharmacists in our ISO certified cleanroom, creating customized medications that address the individual needs of each patient.

AIS™ Service Area: All 50 States and DC

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As a trusted partner, AIS™ is "Leading the Way in Intrathecal PainCare™" by providing patient-specific intrathecal medications in support of hospitals and providers and their patients with implanted pumps.